Star Wars Art Visions

The new incredible "Star Wars Art Visions" book has been released. It's an incredible collection of global talent and I'm so very honored to have been selected into this history making book. Lucas Films Books and Abrams Art Books have teamed up and created magic together. The vision of George Lucas and his love for art and the artists that create imagery is very cool. The book is beautiful and a treasure. My painting "Backyard Jedi" is a celebration of what the film means to the generations of people who have enjoyed Star Wars.

Drew Struzan the legendary movie poster artist has released the most incredible DVD

The DVD is amazing and shows an in depth look into creating film poster art. I'm so incredibly honored that he chose my words as a testimonial for his new exciting DVD on the making of the Hellboy film poster. The new DVD on the market is from and it's amazing. It's an inspiring piece of work from Drew Struzan that shows his technique from start to finish and the thought process of creating his iconic images for film posters.He is the most recognized film poster artist of all time.